Monday, June 08, 2009

The Big Green Armoire

So I made this armoire when I moved into an apartment in Greensboro in January 2001. It is in two pieces and is so heavy, the movers who moved it to this house from my 2nd floor apartment were very happy to hear that the top half came off.
(yes...this picture is an old one...the first one I found which shows the whole thing)
This armoire was originally intended to hold my TV and VCR on the top half, and my stereo system complete with a record player in the bottom half. It served its intended purpose for about 2 months before I moved into this house and it didn't work well in the living room. It has found its home in the dining room ever since. I have used it to stash tons of stuff, whenever I was picking up stuff, if it didn't have a "home" it got shoved into the armoire.

I finally spent THREE days organizing this thing. Now the upper half is home to all of my art supplies and crafty stuff - ribbons, my tool box (tools I keep tucked away from myself as if Shannon ever got them I might never find them again...he's notorious for never putting tools away in the place he got them from). Also in the upper half - Gordon's art and crafts things. His are separated into four plastic bins that I can easily grab and pull out. The front two: the "Play Doh" bin holds all the dough and all of the tools and such and the "Coloring" bin hold all crayons, markers, pencils, pens, and paints. Coloring & activity books are in a nice stack. The back two bins: "Misc Art & School Supplies" - glue, safety scissors, stamps, plaster of paris, pipe cleaners, etc - anything for making things and "Educational Activities" - all those things like free sticker or learning books from Chick Fil A, flash cards, learning games and activity books. I love having it all in one place and knowing exactly where it is - it makes our time playing a lot more fun when Mommy isn't wandering off around the house wondering "now where did I put that?"
The bottom half is all for me - the 3 drawer bin and top shelf stuff are all scrapbooks, pictures, and scrapbooking materials & tools. Next to that is my stack of binders. I am a binder addict and a supreme nerd. I have a binder for everything. A binder for gardening info, one for art & craft ideas, one for places to go and things to do, one for decorating & architecture (my favorite hobby that I wish I had more money & time to explore - basically that one is my "dream" book) Then there are some finished photo albums & scrapbooks stacked in there. So now that I have all my arts and crafts materials in one place, maybe I'll find time to actually get some scrapbooks done and spend more time doing learning activities and crafts with Gordon!
I'm excited to get our yard sale over with this weekend and have my house put back in order, minus a lot of stuff that even if it is NOT sold, will never return back through the front door - once it goes out - it doesn't come back in! Purging feels so good! I keep telling myself, if we have to move this year, do I want to move THIS? I can part with a lot when I think of it that way!