Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Shannon made it home on Christmas Eve eve, and then Grandma & Grandpa arrived on Christmas Eve - in time for the traditional dreaded (well usually by me anyway) oyster stew...why did we have this tradition going back to when we lived in the frozen north of Wisconsin where there isn't an oyster to be found for thousands of miles?? This year the oyster stew wasn't half bad, and we had a honey ham to make sandwiches to go along with it, and all the cheese & crackers & other stuff to nibble - so we didn't go hungry. We even got everyone in our car to take a short drive around to look at the Christmas lights - I was determined to show everyone the "famous" Greensboro balls of Sunset Hills. We even got some last minute cut out cookies made and decorated to leave out for Santa, along with a glass of milk of course.

So this is the only picture from Christmas Eve...Gordon totally engrossed in The Polar Express with Grandma.Gordon slept in until I finally shook the jingle bells to wake him up, then it took him a few minutes to remember it was Christmas morning, but then he was ready to go!
Reminding Grandma that this was the book just like they read together at the bookstore that day a "long time ago" (In November when we visited & shopped in Asheville!)

While Gordon is opening another gift...notice the sweater vest on the left that Mom knit him - fits perfectly and looks great with that Gap plaid shirt!
The trouble with opening gifts on Christmas morning instead of Christmas eve...none of us are too bright eyed and bushy tailed...or even dressed!
Opening up the scooter Grandma & Grandpa bought him - I picked up elbow & knee pads & a helmet yesterday so we'll be trying the scooter outside later today!
Grandpa gave Gordon a head lamp flashlight...by far one of the favorite toys - and he had to run into his room & turn out the lights to check it out! He said "I have a head light just like a train!"

The weekend went by so fast, and it now feels like ages ago.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is blessed with good health and many happy days filled with peace and love in 2010!

Friends for Christmas

A week ago today (and yet it seems like ages ago already) my friend and her two boys came over for a little play date. Her boys are just darling and it was really the first time the three of them got to seriously play, and I think they enjoyed it a lot. The time flew past, here are just a few pictures from one point where we were all crowded into Gordon's little bedroom.
And here is an ornament Gordon "made" at his preschool - my cutie pie!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

The snows are long gone...in Greensboro at least, but the day after it fell the sky was bright & the sun so intense, it made the crisp snow & shadows so pretty The snow just sparkles when it is so bright. And if you look closely you can see all the little critters have left foot & feather prints in the sugary snow.
It really does look like frosting...until you go anywhere and look at the ugly piles of dirty snow on the road side. At least here in our back yard it was still pretty.
It looks good enough to eat!
I'll have to come back here to this date's entry sometime in July or August - just looking at it gives me goosebumps!
This little titmouse was happy that I filled the bird feeder before the snow fell.
Looks like Mr. Rabbit was in the yard bright & early.
And sorry for the odd glow in this one, he was so dark in comparison to the bright snow I couldn't get the camera set right. But I thought he was funny enough to share, the way he was putting his foot in one of my foot prints.
These next two were from the snowfall up in Virginia at my mother in laws home.

And finally here are the pictures from my parents. They were totally snowed in from Friday the 18th until Thursday the 24th and risked a scary drive down the mountain to make it to Greensboro for Christmas eve.

This picture is of downtown Waynesville, my favorite small town ever. The picture was taken by a photographer in Waynesville, Ed Kelley, at Ridge Runners, you can see several other breathtaking pictures he took of the snow on Main Street at this website, it is well worth the visit! It makes me want to move there & live in the Norman Rockwell-esque town of Waynesville. http://www.theridgerunner.com/snowville/index.html
Next up...Christmas! (Hopefully before the year is over!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Walk Outside At Night in the Snow

Heading out the front door, here's the wreath I made for this year.The Moravian Star
Look at the snow coming down!
It looks a lot warmer in there.The lights really shine on the snow
There are lights on some shrubs you can't see. I didn't put any on the house - every year I think I want icicle lights on the house, and every year I decide to stick to the shrubs - I don't like using the ladder.Heading to the back yard, the snow is so beautiful & it is so still sounding.Everything looks so different with snow on it! And here are a couple of elves having fun on the deck with the snow. Next up...the sun comes out!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

We've had a fun morning of playing in the snow. First off, meet Ruby the Snow Woman:

Uh...guess this is a face down snow angel.

Pretty as a postcard isn't it?
Those are some wicked frozen thorns on the barberry
As I took this picture he was saying "I'm okay, just a little accident here."
Now after looking at that don't you just want a cup of hot cocoa? That's what we're having!