Monday, May 03, 2010

Soccer Shenanigans

I took some pictures of Gordon's soccer team actually playing a game...well, there was a lot of "non-playing" going on. Especially for Gordon and another little girl whose name begins with a G (Gordon pointed this out to me on our way to the 2nd game, her name starts with a G just like mine!) Here he is bending down to pick up some clover while she is walking ahead of him. They spend a lot of time walking and talking and picking things up off the ground like grass, dandelion and clover flowers...not a lot of time playing soccer.
And when they are "on the bench" (actually an old blanket) they keep talking, sharing a box of raisins, digging in the dirt, laughing...
Here's Coach T, trying to pump up the team.
The man in the white shirt is from Italy and has played a lot of soccer, he's stepped in to help Coach T who has not coached a lot.
We've been clobbered in every game so far...but shhh...we're not supposed to really keep score. Whatever...we have made one goal so far this season. Here is a rare moment when Gordon was actually going after the ball, note the expression on Miss G's face, she didn't like Gordon not paying attention to her. She is quite the diva, and I hate that word, but she defines it perfectly.
She's got him back where she wants him...following her. Not sure why that kid on the far right is on the ground...there were no injuries in this game LOL.
I "encouraged" Gordon to get back to the that is him kicking the ball. I had a little talk with Miss G about letting Gordon play and paying attention to the game.
But I eventually gave up.
The were benched again. Inseparable. We've tried, putting one in the game and keeping the other on the bench...they look longingly at each other, not paying attention to anything else. So we gave up.
And let them do their thing.
and occasionally Gordon chose to get back in the game, when he wanted to.
mostly because I promised him a special snack in the car on the way home. I'm not above bribery.

I think the kids enjoy running through the tunnel afterwards more than the game itself...although this little guy took quite a dive in the dirt.
But Gordon felt like a rock star and was quite pleased with himself.

Well even if they don't learn much about soccer, they seem to be having fun, and Gordon has had his first kiss - she laid one on him before I knew what she was up to, and he gave flowers to a girl for the first time (a fistful of dandelions). Unfortunately, last week, our coach, her Dad, had a heart attack and surgery, so she was not at the practice or game last week, and this week we'll be in Virginia. I wonder if the relationship will survive the long separation, we'll find out on May 14th.

I have a lot of great videos of the games, but they are too large to upload apparently, so will just save them for viewing at home for now.