Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Longest Post. Ever. Pictures of Summer Fun!

Our weekend (July 2nd - 6th) in the mountains was perfect - cool and beautiful. Here's the best seat on the mountain.Debbie came up on Friday and totally surprised Dad - and little Gordon got to introduce his Auntie to Thomas the Train. On the fourth of July...while we were getting ready for the party, Gordon got to watch a special show on the RFD channel - all about trains, he was glued to the tube!
Then we went for a walk to run the sillies out
and pick some wildflowersThis bee was busy working on the holidayThis gorgeous flower is all over the mountains...I don't know the name but it is so delicate and vivid - a perfect flower for Independence Day - it even looks like a star or fireworks
Aunt Debbie & Gordon Admiring Papa's ferns. What a beautiful landscape Dad has madeMore wildflowersThe cabin looks great.Mom's taking care of her flowers & her birds
Gorgeous hydrangeas along the driveway
The other side of the cabin
My little guy likes here in the mountainsIt is finally time for the party...looks like the people are coming from all over the mountain
Gordon was not shy, he wanted to be in the middle of everything and talk with everyoneAnd he huffed...And he puffed...And he still couldn't blow that pinwheel around!But I got a good pirate eye smile when he gave up!Singing happy birthday to PaPa just as loud and clear as he could...he also helped the pastor lead us in the common table prayer before dinner - he's NOT shy! The moon over Maggie...a gorgeous night as we waited for the fireworks to begin.Neat to watch the fireworks below us in the valley, and no parking hassles when it was over...just stepped in from the porch...
It's been a long time since we spent a weekend like this together, I'm grateful we all could be together to celebrate Dad's birthday, I wish Shannon could have joined us, but he had to be on his way to his new job in VA. Now backtracking to earlier in the week - June 30th - we went to the 39th Annual Southeastern Thresher's Reunion in Denton, NC. So much fun for our train loving kid! The sun was intense - so Gordon wore my Safari Hat to keep from getting sunburned...unfortunately he couldn't see very well :)He liked the tractors, and there were hundreds of them to look at.He asked me "what is this mommy??" I had to take a 2nd look myself!The the big moment - we got to ride, Gordon's first real train ride - on the Handy Dandy RailroadHe couldn't wait to get going - we sat in the first car right behind the engine He was so excited, you can't even imagine.Then the whistle blew - he was thrilled!Choooo Chooooooooo!All too soon we pulled back in the station. He was sad to see it end. He held the souvenir book the rest of the day (the train was pictured on the cover)Waving at the people we passed on the way into the stationNext it was a little lunch while we watched "pickin' & grinnin' music" (that's what Gordon calls it!)It was a long trek back to our car...and our little boy was worn out as you can see! Summer fun from a couple of weekends ago - Gordon's little buddies came over to play in the water & sand Love the butt's hanging out! My boy's Thomas the Tank engine trunks were falling off
The poor little one still in diapers - his mom forgot his swim diaper so his regular one poofed up and out all over!
He even sleeps in Thomas...
And finally...going back even further by a couple more weeks - Amy came to visit! Look at the goregous flowers she brought me! (not to mention the Dunkin Donuts coffee she brought Shannon and the whole slew of goodies she brought for Gordon to play with this summer!)
And of course she brought this big adorable guy! Buster was very tolerant with Gordon's excitement over him - he caught his beauty sleep wherever he could:Gordon was happy just to be near him.
And of course he was happy to be near Amy too - she's the best kind of Auntie - one who'll get right down on the floor and play with you!
Gordon stole Clifford from Buster...Clifford is Buster's chewy toy!

We had a blast catching fireflies - they were just thick in the yard - so thick you could just swipe your net around and catch two or three at a time it seemed! We watched them twinkle but set them free the next day.

Just had to throw this beautiful guy in here too:And this was before Amy came...
His new little friend!Thankfully he is NOT real...but he sure looks real to me. We keep him out in the sandbox now :)