Thursday, January 21, 2010

One More Christmas

This "second" Christmas was on New Years Day, in Virginia at my mother in laws. The weather was biting cold, single digits, but so beautiful, especially near sunset when we went sledding in the yard. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to go sledding! As the picture taker, I don't have any photos of me sliding down the hills (very small hills, but with a slick sled it was just fast enough!). Gordon and I did the most sledding, sometimes one at a time and sometimes together with him leaping on my was good to laugh so hard & feel the cold snow and wind. We all had a great time. We even convinced Shannon to give it a try a few times!

The setting sun was beautifully golden pink in the clouds and on the snow, it was really magical.Gordon and Shannon were already in the front was a matter of following the tracks in the snow to catch up with them.
There's my little guy making tracks...
And there is my other sure is a big yard, especially when walking through snow half way up your calf and falling into your shoes.
I was quite a ways away when I noticed Dad had forgotten to zip his son's jacket was only 9 degrees, so I guess he thought it wasn't necessary, but I'm overprotective that way.
Breathtaking color in the mountains. Just beautiful, in every season, but I'd never seen them in purple and gold before.
This is the same view...pulled back from zoom to get more of the clouds, you can just see the mountains in the distance between the trees.
And now I notice bare hands???? Ughhhh...what would they do without me??
The sky gets more beautiful each minute as the sun sets...
Going back to the back yard now.
Still can't take my eyes off the winter sunset. Gordon said the clouds looked like cotton candy - they do - just like the kind at the fair.
Those cheeks are getting red, we couldn't stay out too long at a time, but we went in, warmed up and came back out several times while we were visiting.
Oh if only you could hear him laughing here - Shannon tossed him on the sled like a sack of potatoes and gave him a push off, he landed down where the garden beds grow.
Dad is looking tired and ready to go in I think. And Gordon is stuck.
More cotton candy clouds, over the neighbors house.
Time to head in. Woops...yeah I think we wore him out. Or he wore us out.
Back inside to play with his version of the Polar Express...using my mother in laws antique cast iron trains.