Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures - Catching Up Finally!

When last I posted pictures...we'd just begun "serious" potty training...

With a "big" success that weekend in January, we had a balloon party (Gordon's idea)

But Gordon was really more interested in his trains...he has become a full fledged Thomas the Train addict. This series of pictures (and I know there are quite a few!) just cracked me up...
He's just minding his own business, watching a Thomas DVD...

Looking adorable as he bites on his lip...

then realizes mom has the camera...
ooohhh Look Out Thomas! (Momentarily distracted by the DVD...)
zooming in...
biting that poor lip!
Ok Mom...are you close enough yet???
This is getting rediculous mom.
Maybe I'll ignore her and she'll go away...
but she's not leaving?!?!
Moooooommm, really...leave me alone.
Geez what I have to put up with...oh man, that was a bad train wreck, poor Thomas.
Ok Mom. Really. Enough now.
Ok. New tactic here. I'll give her what she wants and then maybe she'll finally put that thing away and let me watch my show in peace.
Was that good enough mom?

Fine! Here.

How about this one?
No?? Ok, this is the LAST ONE. Now go away.
Later...back to setting up train tracks...

Until he's practically asleep on them.
This was right before we left for Florida...he ASKED me to take this one "Take a picture of my belly!"

Ok, that is all the catching up I can do tonight. Yet to come, maybe tomorrow: Florida beach, grandparents & Disney!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I love that word.

It is our life right now.

It is so strange to ALL be home ALL of the time.

I have a brief audit appointment tomorrow and am meeting with a friend for lunch - and I am so looking forward to getting out of the house! Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge homebody, but we've spent more straight hours together in the past 10 days then in our first year of marriage I think.

This is the first real week where I've felt like I was "unemployed" - tomorrow's small audit will be the only appointment I've had all week - and I've worked maybe 1 to 2 hours a day all week on wrap up work here at home.

I've caught up on all the laundry, dusted everything, vacuumed everything, polished everything, spread a full truck bed of mulch, cooked some stuff, done some grocery shopping, and even organized Gordon's socks, toys & clothes! There are just a few things left of "housework" and a few things left to do for work - and then I'll spend more time on searching for what I will do next with my career.

Shannon had an interview tonight - he's still there (I'm beginning to think they hired him and put him to work, it has been over 2 hours since the appointment!) It would be nice, to have one of us with an income - even though it isn't anything we can live on for long term - it will help spread out the savings in case it takes me a while to find something comparable to what I am losing, plus if we can get the health insurance and not have to pay for Cobra insurance...God's will be done, we pray and have faith that in the end, we'll be fine no matter what, deep inside I know that, and and grateful to God for the peace he's given us in this turmoil. I am sleeping better than I've slept in years!

In my prayers this past week I'm constantly praying for this little guy. I've been a reader of Mckmama's blog for a few months now, and although I'm just a reader and don't know this family at all really, I feel drawn to continue to pray as little Stellan fights for his life. Mckmama's faith is inspiring, human, real, and strong - I think it is so easy to say God is in control when life is going along normally, but to go through all of what they have gone through in the past year, and still know that you know that you know He is in control is a real testament.

Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Months Later

Life happened. Work was out of control. A lot to update but will start with just the basics:
1) Shannon was laid off the last week of January - it was working out great with him at home taking care of everything, because my work was consuming - I had to work in Florida for a week in February, plus all my work up here - and January to February 27th is our "crunch" time so it was nice to be able to put all my efforts into my work for a change.
2) Gordon and I flew to Florida on 2/6, Shannon joined us on 2/11, and we spent Valentines weekend at my sister's house and going to Disney - it was a blast!
3) We came home. I worked like crazy, literally only stopping to eat, sleep 3-4 hours, go to the bathroom, and back to work again from wee early morning to late late night. Shannon was getting worried, I was getting worried. It was right up to the deadline of 12:00 midnight on 2/27. And it all got done except for one audit, which was great considering.
4) I had some breathing room again the next week, until Thursday 3/5 when I got the call that I needed to cancel my Friday audits and drive down to Charlotte to meet with my manager. Talk about an uneasy feeling. It was a sleepless night to say the least. I was told, along with many others across the nation, that I was being laid off as of 4/2. Amazing how one day, life is normal, the next, it is turned upside down. Well upside down may be a stretch. I know, as in all things, God is in charge. We will do what we have to do, things will be fine. I am just thankful our life change is just in economics and careers, not in loss of health or a loved one or dealing with something worse. We have a lot to be thankful for, and we are so grateful that we have each other and our family and friends to pray for us and encourage us.

Maybe now that I will be having some "free time" I'll be able to catch up more here! My little Gordon is as sweet and funny as ever and I have many updates to share.

We're looking forward to a beautiful spring full of hope and renewal, I hope you are having a beautiful first day of Spring today!