Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Fishing Day

This is "out of order" but two Saturday's ago we joined some friends to go fishing on their family's land where they have a stocked pond. We had so much fun - it was a beautiful day in the 70's. It was the first time ever fishing for Gordon and he loved fishing "just like Little Bear"!

He held the fishing pole all by himself, it took some coaching from Daddy but he learned to reel the line in, keep the tip of his pole up, and when we did catch fish he loved looking at them but then was quick to tell us to "let it go home" (ie...catch and release!) and he cheered when the fish went back in the water.

Here is Gordon and Landon inspecting a little fish carefully. They were so fascinated by it all.

Gordon seems to be spying on Scotty as if to say "I wonder what kind of bait he's using to catch all those fish?"
I do have some great video of Gordon fishing and catching a fish, but unfortunately it is on the camcorder and we don't have the ability to upload it here just take my word for it - adorable :-) I hope we can get together again some day with our friends for another great family time. After we were all worn out from fishing we were treated to a great lunch by my friend's inlaws who live on this land. It was a perfect day.

This week has been quite an adventure so far. Monday after school (on the way home, in the car, actually) Gordon became sick, it must have been a "fast moving" virus. He had a high fever that night and on Tuesday morning, but by the afternoon it was gone and he was tired of sitting around and ready to get back to school on Wednesday. I am so grateful it was over quick - it is painful to see him so sick and not be able to "fix" it for him. During all of that my work computer crashed. I'm back up and running now, and hopefully the rest of this week is uneventful, although I have EIGHT appointments today - that is a new record for me.

Things are about to get into overdrive with work. In addition to my workload I will also be taking on some audits for an auditor whose husband had a heart attack and open heart surgery this week, so Gordon and I will be going to stay with my parents as soon as I can get those audits scheduled. What a perfect time of year to get to spend some extra time in the mountains! Poor Shannon, once again he'll be stuck here at home working. I'll be working too, but I'll be able to be based at my parents place and I'll be driving through the SPECTACULAR fall colors in the mountains along NC, TN, & VA so I'm very much looking forward to this trip. Gordon will get to hang out all day at "papa's place" with Grandma and Grandpa - who are also excited to have more time with their favorite grandson.

The way this month is shaping up, Halloween will be here in a blink of an eye and then Gordon's birthday - and I am absolutely clueless about what to do for Gordon's birthday!! I have to decide this weekend and get invitations out quick - aaaahhhhh....I need a personal assistant to handle all these details!