Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Blog Layout, a Bit of Catching Up, & A VIDEO Starring Gordon as Pirate-Froggy!

So I think the last time I went camping might have been over 8 years ago now - very sad to say - I LOVE camping. But when I saw this blog template with the leaves, the toothy bear, the tent and all the other outdoorsy icons I couldn't resist it! It just makes me smile.

I have a lot to smile about - I made it safely back from my meeting in Florida, I have never been so happy to get my feet back on the ground. It was the first time I almost got airsick. We had horrible turbulence once we reached NC. I thought for sure we were going to crash as we came in for our landings in Charlotte and especially in the smaller plane that carried me up to Greensboro. I know I wasn't alone on that thought - in my mind I can still see this young woman in the seat across the aisle - during one particularly nasty dip where the plane just seemed like it was rolling and pitching back and forth like a ship in a storm, I just happened to look over and we made eye contact. I could see the same fear in her eyes as I know were in mine. When I got my wobbly legs out of that plane I hightailed it up the terminal to where I hoped family and luggage awaited! I was so happy to see Gordon - he saw me at the same time and his face just lit up with excitement and he yelled MOMMMMYYYY! and ran full speed into my arms - it choked me up so, I couldn't even get a word past the lump in my throat. I just dropped my briefcase and held him and kissed him. I felt like I was living that moment in the movies - you know the one where you can't get through it with a dry eye? Like Lassie and Timmy, and all those other happy reunions? I missed that little boy so much. I know he was so well taken care of and he just adored every moment he spent with his Grandma and Grandpa, but I was so happy to get back HOME. I love HOME. Even my one bath, squeaky-creaky hardwood floored, play doh damaged carpeted, house with no granite counters HOME - nothing beats coming HOME!

The trip itself was good - I loved getting to see Debbie - it makes me sad that it had been almost 2 years since we'd seen one another. Family is too important to go that long without seeing each other. I am glad we'll get to see her again when we go to Disney in November. "Thanks Aunt Debbie" is the phrase of the week - Gordon keeps saying it over and over. She gave Gordon a whole bunch of Disney shirts, a coloring book, and a great Mickey Mouse ball cap that he loves wearing. On the business part of the trip - well it was ok - lots of sitting & listening - to motivational speakers and then some coworkers in training sessions, and some competitions to help us do some teambuilding. At least I got to devote a lot of my free time in my room to getting all of my audits caught up - I'm totally caught up - what a great feeling that is. So yes, I have many reasons to smile. Even the weather has been great, hints of fall everywhere! Now if we could just hold the presidential election this Tuesday so we can get the dang thing over and done with - that would just please me to no end!

I did get all unpacked and everything cleaned up already - rare for me - usually I'm still living out of a suitcase a week after my return! I've really made a focused effort to not procrastinate on any aspect of life since I returned to work. And I've made some tough decisions to let go of some time eating things so that I could keep up with work and maximize my family time while keeping my stress level from killing me. So to all my Cranbaby Mom's - I am sorry I've been off the board for so long. I hope one day to have some time to catch up on that again - I miss it. I'll pop in when I can and try to keep up with those who blog too, I love reading about your lives!Gordon is napping now, yesterday he wouldn't - so I'm very grateful to have a few minutes to at least update my blog.

Today we got down the fall decor - last year I succumbed to purchasing one of those large plastic orange and black totes from Target (or as Gordon persists in calling it "NAR-Get") and now I'm so glad I did - one trip into the attic and I had it all - I used to have to spend half an hour stooped over in the attic sorting through Christmas and Easter boxes trying to find some fall stuff. Gordon was so excited when I started pulling out all the pumpkins and leaf clings and various things I set out each fall. I can't believe next week will be October! Where did September go?? I guess now that I'm 40 I might as well just fasten my seat belt, I have a feeling the next 40 years will go by at warp speed. I haven't finished decorating yet, but I did get a video and some pictures of my little guy - he is actually going to be a pirate this halloween, but I had purchased a costume last year at the consignment shop that was just to adorable to pass I had him try it on before his nap - I wish he could wear both! Here is a video of my favorite little froggy-pirate: