Friday, January 16, 2009

The Every Day Things

A few random pictures of my favorite subject, all from this week. Every day this little boy makes me smile, every single day.

I was cleaning up stuff - putting things up in the attic, taking empty boxes down to recycle, and I realized one box was gone and found it in the living room:
A little privacy please...
His new passion. Trackmaster Thomas. He played with this all day. All day. Until Bedtime. He turned down going outside. I love Thomas the Train. Note the book over the track. That is a tunnel.

That fire in the fireplace was absolutely necessary. It was 12 F this morning. Rose to a whole 24 F today. Yikes - it is supposed to be colder tomorrow and up to 17 F on Sunday morning, and with "precipitation" - at 17 degrees I am assuming that means ice. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this deep freeze. Global Warming where are you? (That was rhetorical, no answers required :P)
A little summary of this week
  • I went to a new dermatologist, he didn't find any signs of cancer, that is a big relief! I do go back next month for some "removals" - fun stuff. With the family history of melanoma and having lots of moles and freckles, I need to be more vigilant on getting this checked out.
  • I survived week 2 of single parenting as Shannon was gone all week, it is hard, and I'm glad he's home again and will have off Sunday and Monday.
  • I am almost totally caught up with my work (breathe!) and it feels wonderful - I'm determined to keep caught up, but that never works, so I'm just going to enjoy the respite while I can and have a lovely weekend of thoroughly cleaning, running errands, and taking care of all the stuff that I've totally neglected in the past few weeks.
  • Shannon's work is looking worrisome - they've laid off employees in VA and it looks like TN is next, we are praying things stay stable here in NC for the company. No matter what, we know we'll be ok, but we'll breathe easier after a couple more weeks pass and we find out some news.
  • Gordon is making progress - slow but sure -with the potty training.
  • For this week, everyone was healthy...I'm not superstitious, if I was I'd surely be looking for some wood to knock on!