Monday, January 19, 2009

We're having a Pah-ttay!

as in POTTY party :)
The day has finally come when he used the potty - and for #2 no less!!! It brought tears to my eyes - I seriously never thought such a moment in life could "move" me so much (pun intended). I had promised him a party with balloons and cake if he went on the potty. Maybe that sounds a bit overboard - but it has been many months of trying to get his cooperation to even try going on the potty, so I promised him something rather big. And after he got up and turned around and saw his "accomplishment" he was so excited he was clapping and jumping and so happy with himself, so I am happy to throw a party for such a milestone! And this morning we had success #2...for #1 - so I think he's finally starting to take some small steps towards potty training. Now mommy and daddy need to be vigilant and keep asking/encouraging/putting him on it until he realizes this is the way to go. The rewards going forward will be less "grand" but we will still come up with some rewards to encourage - like if he goes a whole day with going on the potty we'll get to watch his favorite DVD, or have a piece of candy, or something like that. I'm not above bribery. Boy would it be great to not have to buy all those pull ups - those suckers are expensive. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I think my plan is to keep putting him on the potty, keep reminding him to remember to try to go - and after a week or so we'll try putting on big boy underwear - and that might be a mess, but it might really show him that his days of pull ups are ending soon. I'm excited! I'm proud!

Now I need to run out and get the balloons :) I'll post more pictures soon! (Of the party, not the potty!)

Oh - and Gordon has a new BEST EVER FAVORITE (his words) book - it is funny because I remember the same book when I was a child and I loved it too - and so I love reading it to him, and now he has so much of it memorized he can read along with me - it is: