Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter...I'm catching up...slooooowly

Easter party - G was invited back to his school to join in an Easter party/egg hunt at a classmates house. Here's the group with Ms. Sharron and Ms. Kris:It was G's turn to hop like a bunny (he's in the mid-hop)The fire department showed up and the kids LOVED it!G was totally fascinated by all the equipmentespecially the ax...and where it was hung on the truckand tapping on the poor fireman's mask...over and over againthe whole crew ready for actionWhile they were learning about firemen and the truck, the Easter bunny visited the back yard, so it was time to start hunting for eggs:Then it was time to eat...and boy did G eat...and eat...he was the last one to leave the table and go back to playing!Playing T-ball with Daddy & his little buddy T from school