Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Salem

We took S's mom to visit Old Salem in March, it was a beautiful spring day as you can see. Old Salem is in Winston Salem and is along the lines of Colonial Williamsburg, although this settlement was by the Moravians.

G found a worm very interesting, it required close inspection

Here's Earl (the horse) G was excited to meet him.

I guess I was very interested in textures on this day...I have several shots of brickwork/stonework and other materials converging together...I love the architecture and layout of the village, it is so orderly.
The campus of Salem College. It is an all girls school, liberal arts I think. I used to conduct an audit at this location every year and enjoyed it because I'd plan my appointment on a day where I could spend the afternoon browsing the gift shops.
G has definitely outgrown the stroller, but when he's getting tired he's willing to sit still in it for short periods of time!
This was an art piece called "ladder house". I can't imagine why they named it that.