Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Weekend

Aunt Debbie & Gordon getting a lesson in dying eggs. They look like they are taking this way too seriously.
I think he's ready to try it.
Grandma arrives with paper towels...good thinking.
Gordon forgot one rule...don't stick your hand in the dye. See the green hand?
Mrs. Cardinal was keeping a close eye, she was upset with us because she had a nest in a shrub right off the deck and we were too close for her to sit on it.Easter Morning, the Easter Bunny left the eggs inside and outside. It was quite chilly but Gordon didn't mind, he was busy hunting eggs, running back and forth as we all kept saying "oooh look over there, look that way Gordon"
What a green Easter - just beautiful out.
That silly rabbit left one on the bull dozier.
Ohhh I see one on the wheel barrow, and under it!
In the garden beds too?!
You can see the rest of us were really wide awake and ready for action.
Yummm...jelly beans.
Counting beans.
Gordon wanted the opened ones around this bird they just hatched.
And then I stopped taking pictures...not a single one of us all dressed up to go to brunch at the Proximity Hotel. And boy did we look good :) The brunch was not very good, it was very expensive and I had high hopes because of how good their sister hotel/restaurant is, but we all agreed it was disappointing. Gordon ate it up though, Grandma kept filling his plate with french toast, shrimp (what a combination), eggs benedict, and strawberries.