Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lake Higgins

Gordon and I went to Lake Higgins on a beautiful afternoon last week. Although the geese are a nuisance and make the lakes and parks so filthy, there is no doubt the babies are cute!
This duck was persistent. He followed us from our car, down a trail to the picnic areas in the hopes of getting a crumb or two.
But first, Gordon, enjoying his favorite past time this spring.
But the duck was patient. So we finally shared a cracker... I'm not sure who was happier.

After our little "picnic" we headed back to the car. There was a trail starting right next to the parking lot. It said it was .3 miles...very easy for a child. I thought sure, lets go. Well I didn't look closely at the sign which warned hikers that the path of this trail crosses with the Bald Eagle Trail...which is 4.5 miles. I wouldn't have minded 4.5 miles, as out of shape as I am, that is definitely still doable, but with my little guy along and no drinks, and it was fairly warm, I wouldn't have attempted it...but unfortunately I crossed from the short loop into the long trail. After about a mile and a half, I realized my error...but without a map wasn't sure how far we were...so I turned us around and we made it back to the car. Gordon calls it our little adventure. It wasn't bad, he did much better than I would have thought - with there and back being about 3 miles. Thankfully with the frequent realtor calls to show the house - and for us to scram - I've been keeping drinks and snacks in a cooler in the car, so he was a happy hiker once we got to the car. We should do it more often...when I'm better prepared!