Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Handsome Boy!

I just had to share a few quick pictures before I leave town (partly so I can have a picture to look at online when I'm in Florida!)

This was so sweet - I was actually napping and Gordon crawled in between the back of the sofa and me and laid with me and started rubbing my back to "help me sleep" - it was so sweet - I didn't even know Shannon had gotten some pictures of him, a bit blurry - but still he was so sweet and loveable:

He was so excited about his new Jack O Lantern (just the cheap plastic trick or treat one - he loves to fill it with various toys he can stuff in!) that I can't wait until Halloween is actually here - he is already talking about it!

Here he is actually sitting still and posing for me - a rare treat - and not even with his one eye pirate wink ;-)