Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just a Quickee

No pictures -- I am on a work laptop - where I spend most of my "non family" time these days, so I won't have pictures or video uploaded in this post, but will in the next. I took lots of photos of our last two days of fun. We went looking at homes and land on Friday and then found an orchard and the three of us picked apples. Yesterday we joined friends with their two boys at their family lake where we had a wonderful time fishing - a stocked lake is a fun way to catch fish! Gordon loved the fishing, and also, finding frogs, crickets, and we all relished just enjoying the beautiful day and good friends.

My parents will be arriving today and staying to take care of Gordon while I have to go to Orlando for a meeting - I'm dreading the flight, and missing all the fun with Gordon and Grandma & Papa! I've heard rumors about visits to the zoo and pumpkin patch...I don't want to know...I'll be sitting in a boring ole meeting at a hotel I hate, while my loved ones are having a blast up here in this perfect early fall weather! Could I sound more whiney? I guess a lot of people would enjoy the trip, but except for a small possibility of a little more sleep - there is little I'm looking forward to other than walking through the front door of my house Thursday night!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I will get more posted eventually! God bless you and keep you :)