Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures - Catching Up Finally!

When last I posted pictures...we'd just begun "serious" potty training...

With a "big" success that weekend in January, we had a balloon party (Gordon's idea)

But Gordon was really more interested in his trains...he has become a full fledged Thomas the Train addict. This series of pictures (and I know there are quite a few!) just cracked me up...
He's just minding his own business, watching a Thomas DVD...

Looking adorable as he bites on his lip...

then realizes mom has the camera...
ooohhh Look Out Thomas! (Momentarily distracted by the DVD...)
zooming in...
biting that poor lip!
Ok Mom...are you close enough yet???
This is getting rediculous mom.
Maybe I'll ignore her and she'll go away...
but she's not leaving?!?!
Moooooommm, really...leave me alone.
Geez what I have to put up with...oh man, that was a bad train wreck, poor Thomas.
Ok Mom. Really. Enough now.
Ok. New tactic here. I'll give her what she wants and then maybe she'll finally put that thing away and let me watch my show in peace.
Was that good enough mom?

Fine! Here.

How about this one?
No?? Ok, this is the LAST ONE. Now go away.
Later...back to setting up train tracks...

Until he's practically asleep on them.
This was right before we left for Florida...he ASKED me to take this one "Take a picture of my belly!"

Ok, that is all the catching up I can do tonight. Yet to come, maybe tomorrow: Florida beach, grandparents & Disney!