Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

It is Labor Day weekend, and I feel pretty crummy, glad to have 3 days "off" though. I say "off" because the only thing off is my work phone, I have an audit to finish by midnight tonight, after Gordon goes to bed, so I'll be doing a little work, and other than a catch up here, I've been cleaning, and boy does this place need cleaning. I was at my parents last weekend, so it has been 2 weeks and the play doh crumbs are starting to look like confetti throughout the house.

Shannon had to leave this morning for an overnight case near Asheville, so it is just Gordon and I today and tomorrow. That is a bummer, I was looking forward to being all together as a family for at least one day of the weekend. That is the part about his job I hate, we never get time together it seems, at least enough time to actually go anywhere or do anything. I had wanted to take Gordon to a fair or something this weekend - there is a lot going on, but I am so sick - something "intestinal" (and I won't get any more graphic than that in case you were just about to dive into your Labor Day picnic or something.) It is going on 4 days straight now. I've never experienced anything like this before, I am thinking it must be something I ate, but if it hasn't subsided by Tuesday I think I'll definitely be calling a doctor. Fun. We are staying close to home.

Gordon and I had a quiet but fun morning - we ran out of playdoh - and we NEED playdoh. I have toyed with the idea of making my own, but then thought - it isn't THAT expensive, so we went to Target this morning and I bought a 24 pack - Gordon was thrilled! We came home and played "make something mommy". Gordon gives me some playdoh and tells me to make something (and I have to say I'm getting good at forming giraffes, turtles, and other critters with nothing but my bare hands and some playdoh!), but he is getting better about making his own too - both with the molds and tools and just "freestyle". In fact, just before lunch, I asked him what he was making and he told me he was making an apple and a washing machine...pretty talented huh?!

After Playdoh Fest 2008 we turned on mommy's favorite cartoon on Noggin - Oswald! The friends from Big City were having a picnic so mommy got some inspiration - I got my red and white check table cloth out of the linen closet and spread it out on the living room floor. You should have heard Gordon squeal and scream and clap his hands and yell "We're Having A Picnic! Just like Oswald!" We sat on the blanket. He made sure I was ON it, because that wouldn't have been a picnic if I'd have been 1/2 on the carpet. We sat with our legs "criss-cross apple sauce" (I guess saying "indian style" isn't P.C. at his school!) Then we dove into our "pie" (actually it was spinach, ham & cheese quiche with homemade crust that I made a few weeks ago and froze and had defrosted thinking Shannon would be here too - just so you all know - cooked quiche freezes wonderfully!) It was fun, we put our picnic away and then it was nap time. And time for Mommy to vegetate in front of the computer for a few minutes :) I have no idea what is on the agenda for this afternoon's entertainment - I am feeling like rearranging the living maybe Gordon can just help me or maybe we'll have a sandbox/pulling weeds party?!

Here are pictures from last weekend's visit with my parents. We got there Thursday afternoon and stayed through Saturday afternoon. We went to Santaland on Friday. That was an interesting place. Gordon enjoyed the little kid rides and train, but we all felt sorry for the poor animals in the zoo part as their cages were pretty small and they absolutely reeked so horribly, we only stayed for 1 1/2 hours. One of the highlights of the visit to the mountains though was Gordon's new walking stick. My Dad carved a walking stick just for Gordon, with his initials in it and Gordon loved using it to hike with his Grandpa on the mountain. He is becoming quite a naturalist and loves collecting all sorts of treasures and inspecting all the plants and animals along the way. He has quite an eye and quite a memory!
Some hummingbirds - this was amazing, the winds (not gusts, steady winds) were over 30 mph and it was too windy for us to sit on the porch - but the hummers had no problems flying in it - amazing creatures.
This train was built for Gordon's size, us 3 adults creaked and groaned as we crawled into and our of our seats:

He wasn't too sure about this helicopter ride at first, but he made it through it:
He took his job as tow truck driver very matter how goofy mom or his grandpa acted, we couldn't get that, "leave me alone, I'm driving" look off his face:

Race car driver Gordon - he figured out how to steer it before the much older boy in front of him did - you make it go out further if you turn the wheel - he liked this ride:

Since he was such a good tow truck driver, he had to try his hand at driving the fire truck too:
Who are these people?????
I said "look Gordon, they have a camel here lets go over and see the camel" - his serious response "does it have 2 humps?" He thought all camels had 2 humps...I was just amazed he knew that camels had humps at all at age 30 months!
Gordon was either making a statement about the sad condition of the zoo animals or he was just one tuckered out toddler
Thanks for looking - Happy Labor Day to everyone!