Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dell & Raised Garden Beds!

Dell! It rhymes with a hot place for sinners...and now I know why. Ugh...that was a pathetic attempt at humor, but I'm kind of ticked off. I've always always had a good experience with Dell products. I had an awful experience with my HP laptop of my former employer - so many problems and quirks. So since I'm starting my own consulting/contract work I need a I go to and I "built" what I wanted and I called to order it (with S's help because I'm totally computer illiterate now.) We called instead of ordering online because the expected delivery date was 5/5 and I couldn't wait that long. So we speak to the salesperson, explain how we need this laptop ASAP, are even willing to pay extra to get it here pronto, at the absolute latest by 4/30 because I need to get working - the company I've contracted has work lined up and I can't do it until I have the laptop. So we CLEARLY stressed several times how critical time was, and he told us it would be $70 to get a rush on it. He said he could not guarantee a delivery date specifically but he would get it done. We ordered a new wireless 3 in 1 printer too, and a car adapter - so we were going to spend quite a bit. He transferred us to the next person to put through the order - we also asked that guy about the rush & expected arrival - he assured us that the salesperson would handle it, oh and also we were getting a business discount of, wait for it....$70. Hmmmm. Ok. So we get the confirmation of the order and the expected arrival date is 5/13! I email the first sales person...get his auto reply that he's out, either on vacation or on the other line (quite a stupid reply - so you have no idea if he's available anytime soon or not!) So I email the next guy, same auto reply. So I call, both go to voicemails with more about being on vacation or on the phone or at lunch, etc. So I email the sales manager. Same auto reply!! So S can see my blood pressure is rising. (this is over 2 days - no response back yet from anyone). Today he calls the toll free customer service for me. We end up cancelling the order, we've received the printer and are keeping it, but the rest is cancelled because they told us there is no such thing as a "rush" or a fee for it! It can't be done and basically they work on commission so I guess he'd tell us anything to sell it. So within 15 MINUTES of the cancellation call guess who finally calls me back? First the salesperson, then the manager. I spoke with the salesperson. I was nice but he didn't deny that there was no rush or fee for it. He said "well it has to go through production which takes a week to 10 days." Gee thanks for understanding that this does not meet our need or agree with what you told us! I didn't bother talking to the manager, I let it go to voicemail.
So I'm heading out later to buy a laptop off the shelf...I won't ever order from Dell directly anymore, but I may end up with one of their computers. Integrity is clearly not a priority in their sales department.

Raised Garden beds - we're putting in a kick butt garden this year - and it is my butt getting kicked. My arms and legs and back are also aching from putting these beds together. S got the wood for me (I wanted 4' X 8' X 8" beds, he got 8' X 8' X 12" boards - that is what he wants - but those boards are so HEAVY and hard to manage. I hope he sleeps well with the hammering outside the next few days because it is going to take me a lot of work to get these gigantic boards put together plumb and level! Geez...I love gardening, but this is more like being a general contractor!

Uh oh! My Project Supervisor is awake from his nap, so back outside we go, he's a real taskmaster!