Friday, April 24, 2009

Goodbye to Dayschool and Hello to Homeschool

Back on March 20th G had his last day of dayschool thanks to S and I both being laid off.
Saying goodbye to Ms. S
And to Ms K
He got up too early, and fell back asleep on the sofa, one of the perks of not having to rush off to school
Goofball! This was at the beginning of potty training after his last day of school - it took less than a week once we had him home with us and within 2 weeks he was totally potty trained, no accidents, now he even goes on the regular potty for everything - and here I was stressed because potty training was off to such a late start - he took to it so fast once Mommy & Daddy had time to focus on it!
My wild child has discovered the joy of getting the beater with the cookie dough!