Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Friend's Birthday Party

In March one of G's friends had a 3rd birthday to celebrate. L is the son of my dear friend (more like sister!) and we joined their family (they also have an adorable little boy who is 15 months old) for a birthday get together at the grandparents place. We had a wonderful time with them. Here are the three boys and their cousin (the little girl) and their great-grandparents.
It was a bat man themeG got to try out the boys' new toys!Then we went fishing in their pond,and had a great time, it was perfect early spring weather tooThis one is in black and white...not sure why. But I think the highlight of the day for G & L was when L's grandpa gave them a ride on the diggerThat look says it all - he was shouting at us, telling us how fun it was! He still talks about it.I think L was pretty excited about it too! Thanks to our friends for including us in such a fun day with their family!!