Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

The snows are long Greensboro at least, but the day after it fell the sky was bright & the sun so intense, it made the crisp snow & shadows so pretty The snow just sparkles when it is so bright. And if you look closely you can see all the little critters have left foot & feather prints in the sugary snow.
It really does look like frosting...until you go anywhere and look at the ugly piles of dirty snow on the road side. At least here in our back yard it was still pretty.
It looks good enough to eat!
I'll have to come back here to this date's entry sometime in July or August - just looking at it gives me goosebumps!
This little titmouse was happy that I filled the bird feeder before the snow fell.
Looks like Mr. Rabbit was in the yard bright & early.
And sorry for the odd glow in this one, he was so dark in comparison to the bright snow I couldn't get the camera set right. But I thought he was funny enough to share, the way he was putting his foot in one of my foot prints.
These next two were from the snowfall up in Virginia at my mother in laws home.

And finally here are the pictures from my parents. They were totally snowed in from Friday the 18th until Thursday the 24th and risked a scary drive down the mountain to make it to Greensboro for Christmas eve.

This picture is of downtown Waynesville, my favorite small town ever. The picture was taken by a photographer in Waynesville, Ed Kelley, at Ridge Runners, you can see several other breathtaking pictures he took of the snow on Main Street at this website, it is well worth the visit! It makes me want to move there & live in the Norman Rockwell-esque town of Waynesville.
Next up...Christmas! (Hopefully before the year is over!)