Friday, December 11, 2009

Disney On Ice - 100 Years of Magic

We did get to go see the show - instead of my parents I was able to take one of Gordon's little buddies and his Mom (who I have so much fun hanging out with - I'm so glad our boys like each other!) Some of my pictures are not very was tough juggling all the "stuff" so my shots were pretty sporadic. Here's my friend and her little boy and Gordon, all excited and waiting for the show to begin.
The whole going to the show was thanks to my good friend - she was getting tickets for her family when she called and asked me if we'd be interested too - I'm so glad I said yes! Her two little boys seemed pretty excited about the show too.
First off...despite my look...they don't serve alcoholic beverages at the show. I'll just blame it on the lighting - and the DASH through the freezing cold rain in the parking lot on the way in to the coliseum. Gordon looks like he's saying "Really mom? Please." (oh...and I even had to blur out some gosh two good friends with me and neither told me I was hanging out all over the place!)
Hee hee! Love the expressions these boys have!
We were not destined to get any great "mother-son pictures" that day.
But the boys had a blast goofing off
And then the show began - here's just a few pictures, since most don't do the show justice I'll just point out some of the show. Gordon's fav - Finding Nemo (although I would have spewed my beverage...if I'd had one...when I saw the eye placement on look at my friend & I could see she was thinking the same thing!!)

by the way that picture above was not one I took - I couldn't focus at first I was laughing so hard at I got that one on google images...not sure of the source. Here's the pictures I was able to take once I got myself under control.
One lousy shot of the Beauty & the Beast...
Princes tossing Princesses around...
Goofy & a soldier from Toy StoryThen the whole army came out - it was really cool looking.
Toy Story - great costumes in the show, but after all, it was Disney.
Even a tribute to It's A Small World - thanks for putting that song in our heads!
Mickey coming down in a "hot air" balloon - a highlight for Gordon.
The band led by Jiminy Cricket
The whale from Pinocchio after watching this part of the show, I want to see this Disney movie!
The Lion King...hakuna matada folks!
All the Princesses & Princes...those Princes have strong arms!

Everyone coming out for the grand finale.