Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Decorations & Preparations!

The front room...dining room.
I put lights in the "snow" to make it shine...for my Moose's sled (the very old sled is from Canada...the name written on the bottom is Marcel, I just picture this French Canadian little boy racing down a hillside in his sled!)

I had to buy this "bobble" snowman this year - he was from Lowe's and every time you bump the table or turn the lazy susan he does a little dance. I hope that by next year I'll have found time to paint the wood lazy susan in a red & yellow check pattern around the rim.
Couldn't resist another picture of Mr Moose, with the lights showing better
My very favorite ornament, that is Gordon and I in 2007 in the picture inside
Some might say "gaudy", I prefer colorful :)

Gordon's favorite ornament...obviously.
I bought these giant gold ornaments when I worked in a grocery store in 1988...I still lived at home with my parents! I redid them this year with pine cones and a beautiful green ribbon & put them over the swag light fixture over the table. This room was originally the living room of this 1950's rancher, but since we have the family room with the fireplace to "live" in, I've turned it into our dining room/sitting area/craft table/entry/etc room - and so there is not a beautiful chandelier in I've improvised.
This sign is over the door frame leading into the kitchen
ok, last one of Mr. Mooooooose :)
I've moved this planter, which is usually in front of the picture window, since the Christmas tree is there now. I love how well everything is doing for once - I hope it all stays healthy until I can move it back where it will get more sunlight.
and finally, the nativity, I love it the light behind it shining through the windows.
and this year I put sheets of moss around it to stage it a little better.
The family room, the mantel is different this year - I usually do my "williamsburg style" with the fruits & natural stuff, but my artificial stuff (I use both real & artificial) has disappeared...I'm hoping I just couldn't find it in the attic for some reason, but I finally gave up looking & since I'd ordered these Nativity Hurricane Candles from Dayspring, I decided to go completely different - My Mom had given me several poinsettias, sprays & a swag, so I filled in, and got the mirror at Target and bought the lettering to apply from Hobby Lobby. I love it & think I'll be leaving the candles & mirror up for quite a while past Christmas even.
And finally, the Santa Bear, I remember when he and Gordon were the same Gordon is at least a foot taller than him.
Next time I'll post the wreath & the outdoor stuff. Hope everyone is having a happy December. Today is our first snow...even though it is still falling heavy and it is almost dark out, Gordon is begging me to go outside in it, so I think we'll go out & I'll just fill the bird feeders & he can get a bit of energy out...I hope. After my feet get too cold he'll have to settle for more of this:
Ok...really, this is the last shot of Mr. Moose...but isn't he just so lovable??