Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009!

A reflective pirate (and an unswept front step!)
Finding his inner pirate "Arrrrggghhh!"Was that too much?
The first trick or treat stop was a bust...but he practiced yelling Trick Or Treat at the door.

The 2nd stop he forgot the words and just said "do you have any candy for me?" as he dropped his plastic pumpkin...ah the stress of it all!
Thankfully this neighbor had lots of candy for our first time trick or treater.
We went to a nearby church which hosts an annual "Fall Spectacular" - totally free! What a great thing to do for our community.
Any H1N1 in there? Ack! Let's hope not!
This year he was tall enough to ride the swings! He stared in a trance up at the center where all the chains connect to the "spokes" - he was so dizzy and I think very close to getting sick from it. We tried to get him to look at us, but he just kept returning his gaze up at that axle. Maybe he was trying to figure out how it worked, he is a little engineer and is always trying to figure out how to build things and figure them out.
On to the games to win some booty (candy)!
That's a little close...but oh well.
And the big event - the pony ride, same horse as last year, "Chief"
A fun night capped off with goofing around in his glow in the dark Halloween pj's and tickling with the "vampire" gram and "tickle monster" papa.