Saturday, November 14, 2009

The North Carolina Zoo

It was kind of drizzly, but it didn't seem to faze the millions (well maybe only 100's) of kids on field trips on this Friday before Halloween trip to the zoo, we survived, but next time - no trips to zoo on Fridays...

but first...a shampoo and cut from Gordon's favorite stylist (and one for Mommy too, thank you!...although I didn't get to lay on that countertop for my shampoo!)

Typical kitty cats
My T-Rex hatching
I have no idea what these flowers are, but I love them - perfect color for October
Hellooo Rhinooo
Some kind of lion food...way off in the distance hiding from the peepers, I mean people.
Begging the elephant, please turn around, fine, I'll take a picture of your behind then. I think he/she has been rolling in the clay
Well at least I got something besides the backside finally.
Giraffes are my favorites
Well, my 2nd favorite...
A grizzly bear. Nice bear.
He seemed rather bored, poor thing.
The highlight for Gordon, the geyser replication.
A fast black bear, too fast for my camera anyway.
This was the saddest though, the polar bear looked so dejected and bored. Last time we were here there were two and they played and swam and looked happy. Now there is only one, and he was either really tired or just extremely tired of being in his "habitat", alone.These characters had no such problem, they were having a great time together.
Some tired zoo visitors, the trails through the zoo are about 5 miles of walking...and require a GPS to navigate.