Friday, November 06, 2009

Read It & Weep...In A Good Way

I found this new blog tonight - I rarely go looking for a new blog to read - I already try to keep up with so many that I truly enjoy, but I don't believe my finding this one was an accident, and it will be one I won't miss reading each time she writes.

I've never made a post about any of the blogs I read - I just usually add them to one of my lists on the right, and I figure if anyone is interested they can just click the link and read for themselves. I decided to post this blog link here, because in just a few minutes of reading it has touched me so very deeply.

I've only read a few of her writings, I don't know her whole "story" but what I have read makes me want to read more, and it definitely makes me want to try harder - to separate what now fills my time so often from that which is really important in life. Now go read.