Sunday, November 01, 2009

Lovely Weather For A Hayride Together

Last Sunday we went to visit Steeple Hill Farm in Summerfield, NC. A gorgeous working farm which also hosts the Oak Ridge Easter Horse Show every year. Horses are everywhere, as well as sheep and other animals. The rolling hills and colored leaves were the perfect setting.
Gordon saying "hi horse!"Checking out the pastures
How Tall This Fall (at home we measure him at 42")
Gordon was very concerned about this horse because his tail was brown and just did not match at all. I explained it was probably dirty...and then I saw a paint horse, and pointed how to him that horses can sometimes have more than one color!
The hay wagon was pulled into an enclosed pen where the animals were brought to the side, along with buckets of feed for us to hand them. Gordon loved feeling their soft muzzles. The animals were all so clean and healthy looking. Gordon loved the antics of the goats especially.

He picked some clover flowers and enjoyed tempting the animals with them, but he managed to hang on to them and somehow get them in my wallet where I found them nicely pressed just today (one week later!)
I love the chicken the woman in the background is holding. It was like a boa with a beak - the feathers were so light and fluffy - adorable and all black.
Constant talking was drowned out a bit by the tractor...he never stops talking!
Simon the donkey is kept in the sheep pasture to deter coyotes and protect the sheep. Donkeys hate coyotes and will attack and kick them. He also hates this man, the owner, and as he approached the gate the donkey came running full speed from across the pasture and then proceeded to try to kick him through the fence - both hind feet in the air, bucking. The man does not go into this pasture anymore - Simon has even bitten him!
The sheep herd.
Starting off on the hay maze. The owner said this type of Russian hay is used to feed the sheep, it made for one great maze where you could sort of see the other paths yet not quite figure out the maze.
The sky was as beautiful as the temperatures and the scenery on the farm!
Gordon hunting black bear.
Testing out the drivers seat.
Hay is prickly, but fun!
So excited, and no, I'm not tired at all mommy *yawnnnnn*
A rider taking a jumping lesson.
On the way...passed a perfect candidate for a "haunted house"!
A "city" building in Summerfield, NC
Next up...the big event - Halloween!!