Saturday, November 14, 2009

The (Little) Master Bedroom Redo

Our 1950's house has 3 bedrooms, this is the master bedroom, it is not very big, and until now I've just shut the door when people came over because it was never "decorated". Well all that has changed, well not the size of the room, just the shutting the door part. It all started with an innocent visit to the nearby consignment furniture store (my favorite place to shop for the house stuff!) where I saw this Todd Oldham needlepoint pillow, the rich browns and earth colors just appealed to me, and the birch trees and tranquil scene of deer at a creek seemed so "restful" that I immediately thought "bedroom"! And for $12.50, it was a bargain I couldn't refuse, even though it did not go with our old masterbedroom (which I conveniently didn't take pictures of to plaster on the internet).
That same shopping trip I stopped at TJ Maxx...and was so excited to find a bedding set that went perfectly with it for $89.95, this included the comforter, the matching king pillow shams the roll pillow and the two small accent pillows. I found the dark brown pillow and the light blue pillow at Kmart from the Martha Stewart closed out line for less than $10 a piece. Then it was a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to find the curtains (previously all we had were ratty looking mini blinds...ughhhhly).
All of this led to repainting the room in "bone" white. I had the shelves in the attic and had never put them up until now. Those leaf prints resting on the shelves are the pencil drawings my Dad drew and I framed in rustic "tree bark" frames. The other print was a wedding gift from my sister, a print of two chickadees in a stand of birch trees with our initials carved into one, it matches very well with the natural colors. The dresser was an antique piece my mother in law gave us, and my Dad just refinished for us, it came out very nice and doesn't take up as much space as our old one - which is important in such a small bedroom. The trunk from the foot of our bed was also an older piece from my mother in law, someday I plan to paint it, for now it is pretty "neutral" and with the cedar inside we store extra bedding inside and I've put a dark brown cushion on top (actually it is a "body pillow" with a soft brown pillow cover)So of course all this also required new sheets - in the ice blue, to coordinate, a new blanket which is the softest thing I've ever felt in my life, and some other accents - now I leave my door open

I'm so glad I found that pillow!