Tuesday, August 05, 2008

3 Little Monkeys At The Zoo

We have a wonderful Natural Science Center which includes a small zoo as well as all the museum attractions and it is just one mile up the road (which is great for visiting, but I occasionally wonder how secure the tiger fencing is and when I'm mowing the lawn I keep my eyes peeled...just kidding...I hope.)

So I squeezed a couple of hours out of my schedule and met a friend and her two boys for a visit with some local exotic critters. Yes it is August, and yes it is HOT, but our Plan A was to go to the well air conditioned and sheltered Children's Museum, but that fell through because after meeting up there we discovered Mondays are Members Only mornings and my membership expired 7/31. I had decided this year I was getting the Natural Science Center family membership instead of the Children's Museum...so we were left out in the sweltering parking lot faced with 3 very disappointed toddlers on the verge of a massive tantrum. Only with promises of going someplace even "funner" (and some snacks if they got back in the car without screaming) did we get them all back in their respective car seats without any major meltdowns.

So that's how we ended up at the zoo on a Monday morning. I think it was worth it...the boys sure had a blast...my friend and I were a bit worn out from keeping 3 curious little ones from straying too far off the paths and becoming part of the exhibits...Gordon seemed more interested in every rock and acorn he could find on the forested path than looking at caged birds and monkeys who were all dealing with the heat by hiding in shady places and not moving. But the tigers, maned wolves, and anteater did get their attentions...at least a moment in toddler standard time. So we kept things moving and I got back home by 12:30 to get Gordon fed and down for a nap so I could get some work done. Here are some pictures...won't be winning any photography contests with these, but my hands were too full with sippies and grabbing little hands to take very many shots:

Don't worry...I still got my work done, but I had to pay the price for my errant ways by working until midnight last night...yawn...I need some super strength coffee today.