Sunday, August 10, 2008

Look Out World, He's Discovered The Ice Cream Truck!

Every summer we hear the ice cream truck one or two afternoons a week - circling around the apartments up the hill from us, the music of children's songs, hymns, and even Christmas carols (which I sorta like as you know!) blaring from this big ole white van as it waits for all the kids to hit up their parents for some mullah to buy a frozen treat.

Since we have no other kids on the street, he usually skips us...all well and good. I don't need scrumptious goodies driving to me...I have a hard enough time resisting getting them myself when I have to drive to the store.

Well thanks to my enthusiastic neighbor S - Gordon now knows the secret of the musical truck.

I tried to prevent him from learning what it meant - he'd heard it, I realized it was in the cul de sac, and that my neighbor had friends visiting with little kids so they were probably buying something - but when Gordon asked me repeatedly "what's that noise" and then finally spotted the white truck outside - I just said "oh its nothing honey, just someone playing music in their truck." (Sorry G, I was really just trying to look out for you, honestly I was.)

Well it went on and on and finally I hear someone pounding on the front door - and here is S, in her melodic Jamaican voice telling me "What is wrong with you - this IS summer - buying ice cream treats from the ice cream truck IS summer - Gordon has to have one and I'm buying him something so where is he?!" I think that coming from anyone else might have been offensive, but she was so excited, and Gordon came running to the front door, sensing something fun was about to happen. She scooped him right up and stole my child right out the front door and took him to see the ice cream truck.

He was struck speechless. She asked him what he wanted and he could only point LOL. She bought him a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwich. He was in Blue Bunny Heaven as you'll see below.

We brought it back inside to eat, and despite that the sandwich was the biggest one I've ever seen - he still managed to chow down on 2/3rds of it.

But he did remember that he still loves his mommy - despite my attempt at hiding this pleasure from him, so he offered me a few bites - but first he asked "I have to share?"

he he he - yes honey, I'm only taking a few bites because this teaches you how to share - it really isn't that this is best ice cream sandwich ever made and mommy wants to eat it all in 3 giant bites - it is all just a sacrifice for your character development sweetie.

We had a fun afternoon - and when Daddy got home and put his key in the front door Gordon ran to the door as fast as he could shouting "the ice cream truck is back, the ice cream truck is back!" Huh...Shannon loved that one. So now he knows the secret. And every day that truck goes by with his music beckoning young and old, my little man is going to be begging and pleading for me to take him to the truck to get some ice cream...thanks S...I owe you big time.