Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogger Char!

I'm here! Sorry I'm late...I've been meaning to blog but just kept putting it off. Then somehow I got hooked on reading a few, and then I thought: shouldn't the rest of the world be subjected to my thoughts and opinions and wit too? I always do like to get the last word...just ask my family and friends.

Dinner calls...I've got fresh green beans from the garden so decided to try this as a side - mainly because I had everything already and it used the crock pot so I'm using the oven for a 7 lb turkey breast that I'm going to roast and then later to turn my impossibly enormous zucchini into a delectable loaf of this...hope the power stays on, we're having a severe thunderstorm right now :) but I love those summer storms! And lately the fireflies have made the backyard look like a gazillion little miniature flash bulbs going off in a concert hall! Ahhh summer!