Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dixie Classic

On a Friday afternoon earlier this month Gordon and I went over to the fair in Winston Salem. It is quite a large fair, but I was disappointed there was not a very large agricultural exhibit, just some cattle and a team of draft horses and the food displays - what about pigs? chickens? riding horses? and rabbits??? Very disappointing. I do not really like "large" fairs especially the crowds, call me a snob, but it seems to draw a lot of unsavory types...and then those who venture down like us and just want to spend all their time in the barns. Gordon and I did ride the ferris wheel - no pictures because it was EXTREMELY windy and I was hanging on to him and praying. Then from way up in the air, Gordon spied a train...of course...and he begged to ride it, so I bought a few more tickets and he rode some rides - he loved it...I just kept praying and was glad when we finally got our bag of cotton candy and got in the car and back on 40, even though my hands were sticking on the steering wheel and Gordon's face and hands had such a combination of blue and pink and yellow candy fuzz that he looked like one of those pencil topper trolls.
So here he is outside the barn with the draft horses.Checking out the pumpkin competitionI love seeing the giant onesThe train he spotted from the ferris wheel...really, who could miss a train decorated by Liberace himself.This was actually a "junior" roller coaster. I was so worried but he really wanted to ride it, so I let him. That's his little head in that front car. He wasn't smiling but he said he loved it. I know he was surprised when I saw his face during the drops & turns when it was really moving fast. When did I become such a wuss? I love roller coasters...I just don't love my little boy on them...I mean who puts these things together and makes sure they are safe...the guy operating was barely paying attention...ugh...I'll stop before I write something totally politically incorrect.Another roller coaster, he loved this one too. Mommy had enough, no more tickets, time to go after this one! I think we'll skip this fair next year. I wouldn't mind finding a small town one, or one with more of an agriculture exhibit.