Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Fun At Home - Leaves Galore!

He is loving the leaves
First, a little "fluffing"Then the wind up...race around that tree and...CHARGE...Whhhhheeeeeee Again...
Look...a leaf...imagine that!
Thinking up another approach...
A simple JUMP!Yahhhhooooooo! I wish I was a kid again and could leap into a pile of leaves with so much gusto!
Absolute leaf loving joy!
Leaf peeping?Laughter, so good for my soul
I'm so in love with this sweet little boy
Next we took a "nature walk" in the back yard. Gordon's favorite plant, the lambs ears, so fuzzy (and so easy to grow)
Some bittersweet, a different kind from what grows wild and is invasive, unfortunately, I can't remember which kind it is...but I ordered it from a catalog a few years ago.
The compost glamorousLooking back to the house, our own little natural forest, I don't do much landscaping back here!
Some holly berries up close
Our little neighbor comes ah visiting
A new kind of tree? I just thought it was interesting, a leaf attached like it was grown out of the spruce I'm easily entertained. Our little bird has had a few residents over the years...
Striking an American Gothic pose...suburbia version Busy arranging his "treasures" (chosen leaves, "flowers", green tomatoes, buckets, diggers, balls)
This is your rake Mommy, and this one is mine.Fast as fast can be he's off again OK - ONE more jump...I think he made the most of it, went in screaming and came out laughing!Not happy to be coming inside...A look at all the green tomatoes he picked the other day. And on another recent evening:
Ghost Gordon...we were making our cheesecloth ghosts (seen in previous post!)We carved (I use "we" loosely) the first first attempt at a "cannibal" Jack O Lantern...Halloween is almost here! Posts yet to come - this past Saturday's hayride and farm visit. And I'm sure oodles of pictures to come this weekend as we possibly go to the North Carolina Zoo Friday and then of course the big event - trick or treating & a much fun. I can't believe October is almost over.