Friday, October 23, 2009

More Fun at the Children's Museum

You are probably tired of pictures of the Children's Museum, but we spend so much time there - at least every other week we go play! And of course his favorite place inside is the train area:

Fueling up - putting water from the water tower into the boiler of the Gate City Express

All Aboard!!!
The Conductor himself at the controls
Checking the view from the dining car

For once I got him to leave the trains and we played in the airplane...then went down the "emergency exit" slide
We spent quite a bit of time in the construction zone basement - making a huge tower of plastic bricks
It was bigger than him
We moved on to Noni's house - an old fashioned farm house with kitchen, dining room, etc. & a front porch (with a rocking chair where I sat reading my book...hence no pictures!) Gordon spent most of his time on the farm collecting eggs in the chicken coop and playing with the "fuzzy" chickens. What a great place to play - we also love their new camping exhibit by REI, it is set up in a dark room with fake trees like you are camping in the forest, the tent is big enough for us to get in and there are sleeping bags, a "campfire" and cooking tools, etc - great imaginative play place!
Getting an annual pass to the children's museum was the best decision ever.