Friday, October 23, 2009

Visit with Aunt Amy

Gordon and I went on a little trip - all the way over to Aunt Amy & Buster's house on the coast of North Carolina. We had a great time - it just went way too fast. We went to an aquarium and to the beach, and even a park where we walked Gordon's little hiney off before I put him back in the car for the long drive back home :) He slept like a rock most of the way home - oh and we also stopped at Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill - my first time to one. It was fun and tasty.

But first, some pictures from our visit to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and a short walk at Kure Beach:
The albino aligator
This is a family blog...but I couldn't resist these two frisky critters. It took Amy and I a few seconds to figure out what was up, but we finally put two and two together!

These girls were in charge of alligator feeding time. We lucked out because the sign said that feeding time was once a week?? I'd keep them better fed than that if I were going to be this close to them.

Both girls (they looked so young, like barely out of high school!) managed to look utterly bored and unconcerned throughout the show...not sure if that is an act, I hope so, I'd hope anyone working with these critters would show a healthy respect for the danger. They each had two to feed, and the alligators kept trying to crawl up those cement banks (they look like dirt but are all concrete) and the girls kept them back with these poles. The gators don't look that big from the pictures, but they were bigger than the girls, most of their body is submerged.

Ack, a giant crab has my little crab!
Fun in the gift shop
We FOUND Nemo...and all his clown fish relatives...we only took one home. He is now ranked #1 "fuzzy" friend, even ahead of poor forlorn "fuzzy" Thomas!
These were the only 2 pictures I took of our walk on Kure Beach. It was very very windy, the beach was very steep (it doesn't look like it, but trust me, if Gordon had fallen he would have quickly rolled into the surf) so I was busy keeping an eye on Gordon ready to grab him. This is an injured pelican. We aren't sure what his injury was, but they brought a trash can out of the vehicle and scooped him into it...we hope to take him to a vet...and not to the curb!

We had a wonderful time Amy! Thank you for letting us stay with you and Buster, Gordon talks about how "it is time to go see Aunt Amy & Buster again right?" We love you!