Thursday, October 15, 2009

North Carolina Mountains in September

Rather than unpack after our trip to Virginia, Gordon and I just headed in the other my parents. It rained the whole time were were up there, but when it slowed down to a mist we got out of the cabin for a walk Everything was so green and lush.
Grandpa grew a pumpkin...unfortunately that wasn't it, that one is from Sam's. Ssshhh...Gordon doesn't know. The actual "home grown" one is on the other side of the tree and was still "growing"...
I think he's happy.
Papa is working on repairing a mudslide in the road, his helper is on the way.
wow, that almost looks like sunshine over there:
On to the next slide, further down.
Some interesting flora.So green!
fixing the road... Showing me a rock
Showing Papa what he found.Later in between rain storms we went down to Waynesville and walked around town.
Sunday morning I tried to get a nice picture of Gordon before church...tried.
After church, and naps, we were stuck inside because of more rain, but made the best of it.
This is a new teddy bear, a friend from Mom and Dad's church made it and gave it to Gordon today.
Fake smile. He liked the bear, just not smiling for the camera anymore.
Doing yoga with his new bear?Feet wrestling with Grandma.I knew it was time to head back home...
Wild turkeys on our way down the mountain. We stopped at The Mountaineer on our way out of town and took some pumpkin pictures.