Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blog Snagging - I can't stop myself!

If you look at my blog is getting extremely long, but they are all so much fun to read! I started out with just the ladies from the cranbaby board...and then from their blog lists I've found even more that inspire me, intrigue me, and feed my addiction - I'm a voyeur, I love reading about all these "strangers" and their lives. Yesterday I got up very early and although I should have been working I had a pity party for myself and spent a lot of time on my blog and reading others, and today I find myself wanting more...I don't dare go to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc...I'll never get anything done!

I've decided to give myself a "time out" once a day - complete with the kitchen timer ticking, and allow myself a measured dose of bloggy fun every day - to make a quick post or at least enjoy peeking into the lives of others for just 30 minutes. Maybe that will keep me in check!

So if you recognize a blog on the list as one you follow - or write, yes, I snagged it from you - thank you!

P.S. Is there an etiquette book for bloggers?? LOL - Sometimes I wonder if I've intruded when I add a blog to my list or link to anothers blog...I'm clueless about these sort of things so I'll just plead ignorance, issue a blanket apology for any past and future faux pas, and if someone doesn't want to be on my list, please just let me know!