Sunday, November 09, 2008

Celebrating Gordon's Birthday

Three years ago from this moment I clearly remember...I was desperate for an epidural! Gordon was born at 1:57 AM on 11/10, it was a LOOOOONG labor - we'd checked in and started the induction on 11/8.

Tonight we had our little celebration - since the party got cancelled. I made a cake - my homely attempt - no one submit it to Cake Wrecks please! The damage to the sides will be explained shortly...
While I was cooking dinner Gordon saw the cake on the dining room table - I told him not to touch it. He was so excited - starting singing Happy Birthday To Me and I thought he was just looking at silly of me. It got a little quiet so I quickly popped around the corner to see that he'd taken the remote control part of his new remote control car and stuck it into the side of the cake and smeared the frosting off and was busy licking it off the remote! Of course I couldn't get mad - I had to just take a picture, and then take the remote away and ban him from the dining room (but I left the frosting on his nose and cheeks as evidence!)
He LOVED his cake - made me glad I just made one instead of spending money on one, he didn't seem to mind my sloppy frosting job! I used a photo frame I had with Goofy as a cake topper. I have one more birthday gift to give him, but I'm waiting until tomorrow - he has to have one thing to open on his actual birthdate!