Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween - Part II

Halloween seems ages ago already - but here are the last of the pictures from our several day celebration - Gordon, ready to go to the Boo Bash at the Natural Science Center - "resting" on the car (his idea):
Caleb and Gordon playing in the frog pond - how appropriate

The scary tigers - thankfully we've never seen the "spraying" going on in the "spray area" that the sign warns about...the tigers sure were active - walking the fence line and rolling in the grass playing.

Caryn cheering on the boys at a bean bag toss game:

Even little dinosaur Gabriel got into the cheering
On Friday night it was off to a church festival - only one picture, just of Gordon's first pony ride. He was so excited he turned to me and said "LOOK Mommy - I'm riding a pony!!"
And now, my poor baby has croup. We went to the doctor yesterday afternoon - it was getting worse by the hour. They gave him 3 shots at one time in his thighs - 3 nurses injected him at the same time while I had to hold him down with his arms at his head. I explained the shot would only be a little pinch - I didn't know there were going to be 3, I almost cried for him when the 3 nurses walked in with the syringes! But he only flinched - and never even cried or struggled - he sat up and looked at me and was more concerned about the 3 band aids that had been instantly slapped over the injection sites. Then I made a big deal of clapping and telling him what a great job he did getting his shots and that made him so proud he was telling everyone (and even mentioned it this morning) about what a good job he did with his shots. The doctor and nurses were so impressed and kept telling me how smart he was, that he talks and says things that are so much older than a boy about to turn 3. I was so proud of him! He even thanked the doctor "Thank you Dr. Cooper" after he examined him - the doctor was just taken aback and laughed. I can't brag enough about this boy! After we got home I made one phone call, turned around, and this is how I found him:

This morning he's very cranky, congested, and still not feeling well, I hate seeing him so sick, but at least he's not as bad as he was yesterday! And in the meanwhile, my work piles up...