Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gordon-isms II

When eating Rice Krispies cereal he now says they go: "snap, crapple, pop!"

Saturday we went to the grocery store, a long ordeal since when we finished I put everything in the trunk, including my purse, which contained my car keys...thankfully AAA got someone there within 45 minutes, before my frozen shrimp thawed LOL. Gordon had picked a balloon - a yellow one. He cherishes his grocery store balloons. They give them away - he knows which grocery stores don't give away balloons...he tells me every time we pass one "that one doesn't have balloons mommy." We've never lost one until Saturday, I always tell him to hang on tight - and he once witnessed a kid lose his and was quite careful to hang on to his string after that. After the fiasco with the keys and we were both tired and hungry, I had Gordon get in the house with his balloon while I was hauling stuff from the car to the house. I turned around to the sound of the front door opening to hear "look mommy" and then he let go of the string, it bounced against the eaves, I dashed to try to grab the string but it bounced past that and went up into some trees and we watched it float up into the blue sky. Gordon looked at me and said "what happened?" I said it is gone, we can't get it back (which he proceeded to tell me we needed to go get another one.) He asked a hundred questions about the balloon, then finally I said "it went to the moon." Well now every night when the moon comes out he has to look for it, when he spots the moon he says "I see the moon! It has my balloon!" I think I need to write a children's book about a balloon going to the moon :) Don't anyone steal my idea now!