Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gordon-isms I

I should have done this ages ago, I'm sure I've already forgotten lots of things and will forget even more as the months go by - so I'm going to start making "quickie posts" and call them Gordonisms - little funny things he says or does.

Noodles are always pronounced New-News - I asked him to say noodle today, the way Mommy says it - and he did say "new-dols", so he CAN say it right, he just chooses to say it the other way, I don't mind, I say it that way now too half the time.

Our neighbor Sharon popped over for a few minutes to chat - he was very good about not trying to talk while we were talking, but before she left he made sure he told her "I did a good job with the shots yesterday!"

I continue to wrestle with the thought of having another child and today - seeing how behind I'm getting at work and things, I am leaning heavily towards the "we're done" side, but as I sat with Gordon watching Max and Ruby for the umpteenth time I blurted out to Gordon "would you be upset if you didn't have a brother or sister?" He said no, he wouldn't be upset (I'm quite sure he had no idea what I'd asked him - in any meaningful way). Then I said, "would you want a brother or a sister?" He looked at me and paused, as if to think about it, and said "I want a sister". I just said "oh". About 20 minutes later, after my mind was on getting him lunch and to his nap so I could get busy working, I asked if he wanted his pizza, he said "no, I just want a sister". LOL!