Saturday, November 08, 2008

Finally Some Fresh Air

As you know, Gordon has been sick since Tuesday night, and finally yesterday he was climbing the walls (and me...literally) so we went for a walk in the yard. I remember as a kid when I was sick, as soon as I started feeling better, I would start talking, a lot, and it was like all my energy returned first to my mouth and I couldn't stop chattering - it probably drove my parents nuts. Now I know how that feels. I am so glad Gordon is feeling so much better, but he's talking my ear off - so the short time outside did us both some good. Here he is after he's jumped into a pile of leaves, he was so happy, I happened to catch the nanosecond that he wasn't smiling, laughing, or talking.
you can see the "motion" in this one

Gordon, talking, about the leaves, the trees, the birds, the squirrels, the nuts, the gumballs, the sky, the birdfeeders, the balls, the get the idea

Still talking...this time on the stump...

and he's still talking "where's the path" "look a gumball" "where are the nuts" "hi puppy!" "look at all the colors" "I love outside" "where's the moon? behind the trees?"

"Look -- flag", "Virginiaaah Techhhh", "Coach Beamer!" "Go hokies!" "lets check the front yard"

"Mom? Mommy? Mommmmm?" "no pictures" "oh look...

...the moon!!" "its a half moon" "the owls have to wake up!" "look at the moon mommy, its early!" "is it dark?" "nooooo...its not dark yet"

So there, you've now experienced a walk with chatty Gordon. I don't get many words in edgewise! And this was only the back yard, I put the camera down for the front yard...I'm exhausted but also so happy he's feeling better. By Monday, he's going to school - birthday or not. I've got audit appointments and have an appointment for a medical test in the morning at the hospital too - fun. We've cancelled all birthday party plans since croup is contagious for 5 to 6 days and I do not want to give this gift to any of my friends' kids! We'll just have a cake and balloons and the three of us will celebrate our little boy's birthday together.

We did buy a new camera, ours is truly on its last leg - it won't zoom anymore and is cracked too, so we did some research and decided on a Panasonic FZ28, now we need a crash course in how to use it, more options than I knew were possible, I'm getting too old to learn such things!