Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Birthday Party and Christmas Hooplah Too

No pictures of the birthday boy, but my friend Eugenia's littlest boy turned one on 12/1 so Gordon and I went to join them for a drive through Tanglewood's festival of lights. This is a park where they put up big light displays and you can pay to drive through. It was very pretty - but very very windy and cold so when we made it to the area where you can stop and get out to roast marshmellows around the bonfire, we were not able to stay out there long - just long enough to get sticky marshmellows all over our hands and faces :) Gordon loved the lights! After that he and I stopped at Chick Fil A (his favorite place to eat) and ate a late dinner together - he was so fun. We sat on the same side of the booth and enjoyed having our meal together and talking about Christmas. He says he's going to sit on Santa's lap when we go visit him - we'll see about that. I asked him what he is going to ask Santa for, he says a choo choo, and that is it. Hmmm... Eugenia gave Gordon his birthday and Christmas gifts - one of which is a Thomas the Train Christmas DVD. He has finally found something to rival Max and Ruby - so now it is a daily request to "watch Thomas" AND Max. Speaking of TV, I have come to love DVD's - and Noggin, practically the only thing we will have on if Gordon is up. We tried to watch a cartoon Christmas special the other day, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and the commercials were rediculous. Not only crammed full of toy ads but also trailers for movies that were totally inappropriate for a child under even 10 years old to see in my opinion - one being the Dark Night that is coming out on DVD I guess, and the scary Joker (Heath Ledger) character and other sinister scenes - nice - Merry Christmas to you network geniuses. Evil greedy people.