Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Earlier this week - a fun bath:

And a little cereal snack...
what do you mean no more?
This looks odd...and it is odd...I'm sitting in the rocker-recliner and Gordon is on my lap - and with two helium balloons, and we have the pop up tent on us, Gordon thought it was extremely funny, Shannon played with the new camera trying to learn some new tricks, I just went along for the ride:

We went to VA Christmas Eve day and stayed there through most of Christmas Day with my mother in law and brother in law (who flew in from Alaska and arrived at 2 am, poor guy - what a trip it takes for him to come down for the holidays!) The deck/gazebo is Gordon's favorite place to hang out:
"Grandma don't get a boo-boo up there!" (she's up in the walk up attic getting "things" for him to play with):
Getting in some tickle wrestling before bed
And playing with Grandma too
So I started to experiment with the black and white setting on the camera
These look like scenes from a movie in black and white to me

Rolling around on the floor in his new Christmas PJs (these were from Walt Disney World - and I discovered the ink/security tag was on the pants after I got home from Florida. I thought I'd take it and the receipt to the Disney Store here in town and have them remove it - I went to the mall the evening of December 23rd - very dumb - to find out that the Disney store was closed down - thankfully a wonderful woman at JCPenney's took pity on my and removed it for me! I was so excited to find such a kind person!)
Not happy to hear it is bedtime:Christmas eve, getting into bed I told Gordon I thought I heard someone up on the roof - so he was listening carefully for any sounds of sleigh bells or prancing reindeer!

Christmas morning - he was a little dazed by all the excitement of us grown ups making sure he saw that Santa had been there, there were a few presents under the tree and a whole bunch in the living room too: Gordon's favorite present, the harmonica - and wow can he play it already! He has it in his blood - his great grandma played harmonica as well as the spoons!:

Don't look at isn't even washed yet, it was a rough night! That is Uncle Mike Gordon is sitting next to:

Learning the ukelele

The soccer ball was the 2nd favorite gift - and the Virginia Tech football

He also liked the digger and dump truck from Grandma that she bought from her neighbors

Mommy had a lot of fun making an airplane out of his new tinker toys, Gordon had fun "flying" it:
We came back home Christmas night only to discover Santa had been at our house too and filled all of our stockings and left a couple more gifts under the tree - a Thomas the Train set AND a 2.5 gallon aquarium (Daddy & Gordon are off to get the fish and accessories today!). Gordon is wearing his "Toodles" ears that came from Disney - Mickey talks, plays games like "Mickey says" and they play the Hot Dog song (mommy loves these as much as Gordon!) So he's got his ears on and he's strumming the ukelele and the harmonica...or as he says it he's playing his "pickin and a grinnin' music":