Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vacation Day 5 & home again

We went back to my parents on Tuesday to "recover" and get ready for an early Thanksgiving. My Mom put on Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, my sister and Chip drove up for the day and we all enjoyed eating our fill of turkey and mom's delicious stuffing. It was a beautiful sunny and fairly warm day so we spent plenty of time outside soaking it up.
We even got a haircut in the garage - hope it doesn't grow back to fast, we won't see Grandma again until February (and I'll be in dire need by then, and Gordon probably will too!) Gordon and I flew back home early Thanksgiving morning, the flight was great, Gordon behaved and we didn't really complain about his ears popping much this time either. I cooked turkey and stuffing etc for the three of us that afternoon and we enjoyed a nice quiet day. Things changed on Friday when Gordon got sick. Really sick. I'd heard him yell out a time or two early in the morning when Shannon left (before dawn) and I'd just told him to go back to sleep, because he often does that if he doesn't want to get up yet - so he went back to sleep - but I felt like such an awful mom when later that morning he finally came out of his room and was covered in...well...lets just say the cranberry salad he'd loved at dinner made a reappearance...all over his hair, his face, his pjs, his pillow, and his blanket. Bright red cranberry. Dried and stuck on like glue. He was feverish too. I cleaned it all up and gave him Tylenol. We rested on the sofa most of the day watching Max and Ruby and when the Tylenol wore off his temp spiked to 104.2. We went to the Urgent Care. A bad ear infection. Poor baby, he never really complained about ear pain or acted like anything hurt at all. By Saturday he was mucho bettero - just in time for Aunt Amy and Buster to visit...on to the next post (and even more pictures)!