Monday, December 22, 2008

More Christmas Fun & Aunt Amy Too!

Amy and Buster returned for a visit! Gordon was thrilled of course. They arrived Sunday the 14th in the afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning. This visit allowed Gordon to bond a little more with Buster...and Buster is a very patient pup.

I am so glad she was able to come for another visit, but I wished that I had been able to take time off of work so I could have spent Monday and Tuesday with her. Unfortunately I had a critical big audit on Monday that took most of the day and then I had to work late into the evening. But we did go out for some fun - we had dinner at Outback on Monday night and then we went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. That was a blast - in Our State magazine there was an article about a Greensboro neighborhood that does a special type of light display...the light is so cool - it looks like the inky black sky is polka dotted with orbs of all colors - they hang these balls high up in the tree tops that form canopies over the neighborhood streets. Gordon was in ecstasy - he saw them and said it just this way: "OHHHHHH ------ MY -------GOODNESS!!!" Amy and I about split laughing over his reaction that mimicked me when I say that about something I find amazing - it was so much funnier sounding in his little toddler voice. He kept asking for "more Christmas lights please!" So we drove up and down and all around before we got him home and wound down and in bed. Amy and I stayed up talking until after midnight - it was so nice to have my friend here to talk with in person!